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Yes, I clicked on a link that took me to a site claiming an indisputable proof for “intelligent design” — one that can’t be “solved” based on the argument

DNA is a Code + Codes require authors = Life was created consciously, not by natural process

It took my brain cells less than 0.2 seconds to solve the riddle and refute the argument as utterly fallacious.  Maybe it’s because I’m not an atheist?  Or is it because the argument is based in mal-formed semantics about the term “code” misunderstood as an a priori reality versus an applied concept with a definition more limited than its reality?

Honestly, I wont even waste typing the link to their website, and I curbed the urge to post on their forum, since I doubt it wouldn’t go over their heads and be the one accused of semantic manipulation.  But if anyone wants to go the 0.2 seconds in the ring with me on this, I’ll gladly explain the error is as simple detail as possible.