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Okay, it was more of a peach color, but the parts of this century old street that showed was really a simple pleasure to walk on.

A few weeks ago, new street signs indicated a change in the alternate parking days, from 4pm Sundays and Wednesdays to 6pm Mondays and Thursdays.  The problem was they posted “Do Not Stand” bills along the side of the street with dates coinciding with the side we were supposed to park on.  In other words, they wantesd everyone off the street period.  After a week went by and they posted new bills repeating the same game plan, I started to wonder if they made a mistake and were simply trying to get us to follow the new rules.  During these weeks, we parked a block away in a commercial lot and got a bit more exercise going to and from the cars.

A day or two before my wife could no longer curb me from tearing down the signs, indications of actual street work began.  Over the next two weeks, they stripped off the top layer of pavement (down to the brick in many spots), scrubbed it a few times more, and then poured on a few inches and flattened it with a steam roller that made to ground sizzle.  Many of us neighbors wished they had restored the brick, or left it like a few streets over had been for years, but one of the workers explained to me that it costs more to repair a small bricked area than to repave the whole street.  {sigh}

And I wasn’t the only one who enjoyed watching the work.  Other neighbors stood outside those short intervals they actually made progress on our particular block.

Repaving Our Street from Ken Stuczynski on Vimeo.