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The big event this year in my life was the passing of LadyBug.  It hit me a lot harder than I would have imagined, and still does. 

I did a lot more writing this year, almost all blogging based on Facebook discussions, which I spent quite a bit of time on.  As written earlier, I used firearms for the first time, made my first snow angel at Parkview, and braved data crashes like never before.  I also got my first bee sting.  I discovered the full joys of sushi (especially the now famed “Spicy Jumbo Lump Crab Brown Rice Roll”), as well as the fact that my eyesight isn’t what it used to be — I actually beenfit from a magnifying glass now, compared to never needing one for anything, no matter how small, ever.

And this is the year I came to grips with hoarding.  I’m slowly letting go of keepsakes with forgotten meaning, extra sets of tools, excessive backup CD- and DVD-ROMs, old software, instruction manuals, and generally not saving every little thing.  I was never messy, and the archiving was mostly digital (I finally ended my 219 construction photo album), but my whole mindset is stronger and more aware now, slowly unburdening me from psychological attachment to the physical aspects of the past.

I had a record year (TWO big projects, a record in itself), but don’t know where the money went (except for playing catchup on taxes).  I filed my first lawsuit in small claims, only to cancel it when someone resumed payments on their account.  But I didn’t catch up on things to where I would reward myself by getting the materials to finish the library.

I got to wear my collar a bit more than usual.  An odd Mother’s Day memorial at a cemetery, and three weddings this year, two being very short notice.  Wonderful times with wonderful people and friends, old and new.

The new year?  I’m hoping for no new pets (if we can help it), finishing at least half the library shelving wall, a new beam in the basement, and writing a lot more metaphysical stuff.  I’d also like to see Christina living on her own in Fredonia for both altruistic and selfish reasons.  I’m not looking forward to upcoming taxes, but decided I’d rather make more money than pay less.  I will try to avoid weighing myself down with worldly injustices in politics, religion, and consumerism (often overlapping), but am leaning toward sedition with regards to the Feds crossing the line against citizens on too many fronts.

But writing and side projects are the key to “if you want something [more or] different, you need to do [more or] something different”.  I need to heat up a Cafe Press or something similar, and just write a darn book — even if it’s a personal encyclopedia