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Merry bought us mountain bikes, which are consistent with the state of Buffalo’s streets.  It was cheaper than fixing up her old one for a much more advanced design — I never had one with shock absorvers before!  We started biking most evenings for a few days and then it hit — oppressive humidity.  It was just too much.

However, we’ve had milder days, such as the Sunday of the block club party.  It was a neighbor’s idea, but I pretty much did all the work collecting signatures, paying for the permit, and coordinating it.  Most people enjoyed it, though we had a few people who didn’t like being blocked from driving on their own street for those few hours, or wished there were more adult-oriented activities.  The kids had a blast using the street as a playground, there was facepainting, and Merry even put out a sprinkler in the middle of the street for the kids to run through.  A neighbor’s son’s band, “Brimstone Blonde”, performed from his porch and everyone loved it.  Grilling and dishes were passed, and the police didn’t need to show once, though they were invited to stop in.

Between this and trapping neighborhood cats for neutering and immunizing, it seems I’m becoming a mayor of sorts for the street, or at least the block.  It doesn’t help that our street is part of a huge block club that is, in my opinion, long-time defunct, with the president-for-life not returning calls or even living in the neighborhood any more!

But now that the weather isn’t as extreme, I’ve been hit by a cold.  It’s taken me out of the game for almost a week.  The odd thing is how much work I can get done when I “take it easy”.  Merry noticed this too, where I seem to only be able to focus on one thing at a time, and then it actually gets done, and with laser focus it seems.  I don’t know if it’s related, but my dreams have seemed more vivid or impactful at times.  It’s like in my dreams I’m living an alternate life I was supposed to — it’s just that I have no idea what it means.  Merry is in them and others, and the house on Bellwood I grew up in has always been a staple dream aspect, but there’s just something different.  Perhaps it’s the freedom of mobility during a time I rarely go out except to places I regularly visit or drive through.  Wanderlust?  Cabin fever in August?

Hopefully the Fair will cure that a bit.  I haven’t bin there yet from being too wiped out, but Merry and Jeff said it is great this year.  I am looking forward to Sunday where we will be there all day, right into the after-party for the Conservation Building volunteers.  I just hope I’m not still sick.