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I almost went to a Samhain celebration, but couldn’t get Mer to come with me.  Maybe next year.  However, we did have the trick-or-treat get-together at our place again this year (Merry didn’t have to work late), and the context results were different this year.  Sure, Di won AGAIN, but this time instead of a landslide I took a close second and Mom-mom a close third.

I didn’t overdose on candy, but yesterday Kris got me two HALF-POUND Resse’s cups.  Just … whoa.  I couldn’t even finish one.  I felt like I was in Gulliver’s travels.

Now it’s time to finish building the main library shelves.  I picked up the wood yesterday (along with a small, processed pig for the freezer), and already started prepping the parts for assembly this week.  Deadline: Thanksgiving.