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Just started reading the second half of “Behind the Veil” by my friend and spiritual brother Daniel Kelley. Last night was the first night I determined to dream journal. Immediate results!

I recalled much, and even talked about dream journaling my first dream in my second dream! And much of the meaning in two of the dreams really make me realize a LOT about my personality and where I am in life, especially in certain situations. Both dreams had me assisting others in a subsidiary role. The one having the form of a workplace tells me that I am working to improve situations with some of the websites I work on, yet feel I have little or no guidance, authority, or appreciation from the organizations I do them for. The other was in a video game with a friend, not being an official team member, but playing along anyway, trying not to be intrusive or fully committed to the fray, just helpful.

It’s a lot to unpack, but these and the other dreams seemed to put me as a background character rather than a real player in events. Maybe that’s how I really feel about myself and my life. And sometimes I’m okay with it; sometimes I’m dissatisfied.

Anyway, I’m starting to build a personal notation and framework for cataloging these dreams, and noting connections to my waking life. It’s about time, really, since I’ve always valued my dream and semi-sleep states. There have been connections between places and stories and themes — and of course ideas and solutions — that have to some extent shaped who I am, not just a one-way reflection of the conscious.