Dad Occupation: Not quite an exit strategy …

12 April, 2014 Ken Business & WorkFamily & Personal

My daughter asked me recently to take down an embarrassing part of my LinkedIn profile, now that she links to me as a professional herself: Dad Christina’s Family 1991 – Present (23 years) My most important job, and a priority ongoing project. I started out as a feeder, cuddler, diaper changer, burper, and did other […]


My One-handed, Left-handed Months: The Start of It All

16 March, 2014 Ken ChroniclesEveryday Life

Yesterday, for the first time in almost two months, I signed my signature with my right hand. Until now I’ve been signing it with my left hand — backwards — and since it’s a scribble either way, no one will notice. Where do I start? On January 19th, a Sunday, I was working on some […]


“Lake Effect Blizzard of 2014″

7 January, 2014 Ken Uncategorized

Sometimes there’s a house across the street, sometimes it’s uncertain. Wind chill? My mailbox is attached to the house on the front porch and I’m probably not going to get dressed head to toe just to check it. Pajamas, bacon chowder, call my Dad, catch up on blogging. Maybe take down some Christmas decorations now […]


Space: 1999

29 December, 2013 Ken Uncategorized

I used to watch Space: 1999 as a child and it inspired some of my earliest sci-fi fantasies. At about 6 years old, I crushed on Barbara Bain, and even wrote her a letter, the response of which, lip stick and all, was probably ghost-written by my mom. A few years later, around 8th Grade, […]


Garlic, Take Two

27 October, 2013 Ken Parkview

Just planted four cloves, barely under the dirt and covered by a thick layer of used guinea pig shavings. As per a friend’s advice (Russell, the father-in-law of the current head of my lodge, and a WWII vet), I meant to plant them closer to Columbus Day, but got side-tracked. It’s been a very raining […]


Gericho Loop

13 October, 2013 Ken Uncategorized

I actually dreamed about this. Literally. In my dream, I was talking to a client who wanted me to do something for them they heard about — taking a website viewer somewhere else to do something before going to the target of a link. They said it was all the rage. Apart from advertising interstitials, […]


A Week Without Facebook

9 August, 2013 Ken Uncategorized

I posed the question of being on Facebook too much — on Facebook. Someone said if I wanted to know if I was addicted to it, I should just quit it for a week. So I did. No blood pact or promise or fanfare or proclamation. I just stopped outright visiting. I still had Foursquare […]


May Its Spirit Fly

22 July, 2013 Ken Uncategorized

A baby bird passed away today. Merry was trying to nurse it to health, feeding it baby food with a syringe. It didn’t seem to have its eyes opened, and never unfurled its wings. We buried it respectfully in the landscaping of the pond I was working on. I will always remember its body is […]



Yes, I’m Adjusting and I’m Trainable

15 June, 2013 Ken Everyday LifeFamily & PersonalWoodworking & Other Projects

I wrote about my one last visit to Christina at college a Saturday in April, but didn’t mention I especially liked picking up one of harmonicas lying around to collaborate in a random jam session with Christina and a friend. If I ever learn violin, Merry will demand a banjo and we’ll have plenty of […]


Maybe I’ll Just Fiddle with It.

7 June, 2013 Ken Everyday Life

I felt a growing anticipation as I neared the mall. A brother arranged it because I didn’t have the money at the time a few weeks earlier — it was a salew of the day. When I got there I had to unzip her — if it was a her — like a new mother […]


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