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Life looks like it’s changing fast. More on this later.

Saw Michelle do color guard for the fitrst time after all these years. The competition was at Medina High School this evening and was WAY COOL. I had no idea how creative and fun it would be.

Been thinking a lot about “Other Flock Ministries” and what I want (need) it to be. More on THAT later.

I’ve found out that more people I know have a LiveJournal, like my (wife’s) cousin krissy_jhnsn and now her husband papi_cuddles.

And on to CHANGE …

It’s official — I’m “downsizing” my overhead by getting rid of the office. I just don’t use it anywhere near enough to justify the cost. What I REALLY could use is another bedroom. Sure, it was great having a second bathroom and somewhere to get out of Merry’s hair, but I did it before at home and I guess I will have to do it again for a bit. In the meantime, I have two offers for office space, one in the Hamburg area, and the other in Arcade, NY. Somewhere to meet clients and store stuff anyway. I’ve arranged for the chest freezer and will find a home for all the extra furniture I wont need. Maybe this will simplify my life a bit. And give me claustrophobia of course. We’ll see. March will probably be “hell month” with all this going on.

As for “starting my own cult group” I’ve decided to make a “church charter” mission statement, by-laws and everything, and select a handful of people to sign the thing into existence with me. A number of people seem actually excited about it.