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We are God’s imaginary friend.

This isn’t one of those “What happens when entropy meets critical mass” trip-outs. I’m serious. This is a great way to describe our relationship with the One. Behold the dream of Brahma.

On another note, I’m hammering away at the whole office move thing, getting rid of stuff I’ve carried from place to place for too long (and never actually needing). I also aquired a lot of stuff for the office that I wouldn’t have taken otherwise. Did two AMVETS runs in the last few days to dump stuff off someone else could use, and my tool shed is being moved to a locked common area. Sometimes it’s good to be apartment manager.

Been playing a game called “Taipan 3000” (Google it if you’re interested) and even though I can beat it quickly every time now (took me almost a dozen games to master it), it’s still fun. I like the whole buying and selling merchnat thing. If only life were that simple.