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Something like a pencil sticking out of the ground, or rather a foot wide ring of sand, about 20 feet away. (In Canada, that would only be about 7 meters, but it’s still quite a distance :^) Throwing metal washers (almost palm size) like horseshoes, Merry’s Dad got it around the “pole” three times, wiinning three games in a row.

Such was a pleasant Fatherr’s day, after going to mass with Chrissie and having a waffles-plus brunch made by Merry.

Yesterday, we went to Hyde’s “Fat Rules” event with the bakeoff against the Dutch Oven Society (of WNY), and Merry’s sis tagged along. The food was amazing, all cooked in dutch ovens, from breads and deserts to sausage and potato dishes, etc. and even a whole turkey. We brought our all-organic grown salad (picked Thursday, seriously) with Merry’s personal recipe vinagrette. The important thing was I met some nice people and had a good time.

But maybe there is some truth to the idea that we live in a “food-addicted” culture. Then again, maybe it’s part of our species’ psychological schema, as in every culture, food is an excuse for social gatherings, part of mating rituals, etc.. So (being a little tongue-in-cheek) am I a food-a-holic, or just a social eater? My eating habits (or rather my wife’s cooking habits) seem to work with my metabolism / activity level. I’ve stayed under 200 lbs. for a long time without gaining any weight. And I feel good, though not as good as when I went to the gym every day. But that was because I had free access as a Tai Chi instructor. Maybe I should do that again sometime. And I wouldn’t mind losing about 10-15 lbs. long term. That would be about right for my physique.