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It was, in a word, awsome. Christina had a ball playinga and walking with the little kids. People from different parts of my life found out they knew each other. Our two door prize tickets both won. I got to catch up wtih Matt & Jenene. Everyone seemed grateful that they were invited. And the food. Oh my. Hyde cooked – need I say more?

In the end, I inherited a bunch of leftovers, including major giblets and the HUGEST EFFIN WATERMELON Merry or I have ever seen. It’s just over 23-1/2 inches long, and weighs approximately 40 lbs. (our scales sucks, but it was a prize from Merry spending a $1 for two games of “I Got It!” at the fair a couple years ago). I’d show pictures, but my camera is still on the fritz.

All shall sleep well tonight.