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Went to three get-togethers this weekend.

Saturday was a cookout food-fest at Hyde’s. Met someone from my alma mater who teaches history. He’s appauled with the education system (aren’t we all) and thinks all the text books are revisionist crap (don’t we all). Talked at length, and had a good time. A orthodontic surgeon even taught me how to smoke cigars. Will be a fun couple-times-a-year habit maybe.

Sunday was a great afternoon at the farm, where I met a lot of neat people, including a couple who were both linguists, and an amazing individual named Heron with a CUTE baby son. More about that HERE.

Monday, I busted arse painting an apartment so we could go to have dinenr with Dennis and Agnes. We also got to watch Monty Python’s “The Holy Grail” with Accountant’s version extras. Apart from the fray with the worple bunny puppet, I didn’t realy laugh the whole movie (again). It just seems so much funnier to talk about it later at random intervals during everyday experiences. Oh, well.