A bit unecided …

28 October, 2004 Ken Uncategorized

What am I to do about this election?

We may actually be at a watershed moment in our history, and I am almost resigned that only time will tell what was the right choice.

For example, I don’t care for Bush (the man, not the geography) for a list of reasons different from all the press-propaganda-babble, Kerry sems to represent extreme liberalsim, something which has undermined Jeffersonian Politics (which I beleive is what America was supposed to have been) more than Hamilton ever could have. I’m worried he’s in the same league as wackos like Ted Kennedy, and we’d be replacing one wacko with another. And at least I know where the current wacko stands for the most part.

However, I may not vote Libertarian, although I “test out” as one and did actively help them get them on the ballot by gathering petitions this year.

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4 Responses to “A bit unecided …”

  • Anonymous says:

    I’d have voted for you … maybe in 2002.

  • Anonymous says:

    Ethical Option
    If abstaining from voting is not an act of apathy, but of protest, then God Bless America you have that choice, and I can respect that. Remember, voting was required in Communist Russia and many other oppressive states.
    Therefore, freedom and democracy aren’t only about voting, but the right NOT to vote. And voter “apathy” – whatever the reason – DOES send a signal to our representatives and other elected officials.

  • Vote more tree in ’93.

  • angryavatar says:

    Well, even though NY is guaranteed to elect Kerry, you should get to the polls and vote anyway because…

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