Okay …

12 October, 2004 Ken Uncategorized

I DIDN’T go back to sleep. I got woken up eraly and apbuprtly, so my digestive tract is in protest.

And the cellar is beginning to smell.

I removed about 20 pounds of meat, vegetables, etc., and it is obvious the power was off for a couple of days or more. After I get my stomach fortitude back, I’m going for another round. Praise God it wasn’t full. Another couple kitchen garbage bags and I’m done.

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2 Responses to “Okay …”

  • Anonymous says:

    Thanks …
    … but it could have sucked more – imagine if we had already bought our turkeys for the next year, etc. We just finished the last one from LAST year a few weeks ago.
    Our biggest meat shopping for the year is just before Thanksgiving. If it would have died in December, we would have lost easily another hundred pounds of food plus.
    But the frozen organic produce can’t really be replaced by a trip to the store, and even if it could, we have nowhere to put it. We saved a LOT of money with that freezer, and we just don’t want to tighten our belts anymore.

  • angryavatar says:

    Holy shit, that fucking sucks. Condolences.

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