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Last night I found out my Uncle Frank in Boston had passed away in his sleep the night before. We’re re-arranging our plans to be there at the funeral Thrusday. The strange thing is that I left a message just hours earlier asking him if he would like the walking stick I made for him staineda dark color or left lighter. Yesterday evening I had finally finished chiseling it into shape and sanded it down.

When we visited this Summer, I finally got to know him. We had never really talked before then, and it was a wonderful experience – long overdue – and not too late. I called my Dad to let him know and we talked a couple of hours on the phone. This was all a surprise as Aunt Bobby was the one with all the health problems, and Uncle Frank was on weight watchers and had a mobility issue with his knee – that was about it that we knew of. And I wonder how this will effect them (her) potentially moving back to Western New York. I only wish we had a house where she could live with us.