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I’m an Idiot and I have a Blog.

That should replace the “I’m a blah-blah-blah and I vote”.

Haven’t you noticed it?

People under the self-proclaimed titles of “sane”, “informed”, and “good” are MOURNING AMERICA because of the election outcome, they have called the rest of us “stupid”, “brainwashed”, and “selfish”. How mature – all under the guise of having some Einsteinian revelation of non-disputable truth that they cannot convince the masses, although they almost did.

Every blog has it’s black-and-white scorecard of how we will all regret this supposed turning point in history, and the REAL propaganda winners have given them all a blank check to tell anyone who even hints they are Republican, or pro-anything-that-could-possibly-be-associated-with-Bush, that they are blind, stupid, maybe even evil, but in the end wrong.

Thank you for your infallible secular dogma, with it’s condemnation to a secular hell of anything not left of center. Maybe we should call them “Secular Fundamentalists” sharing in the equal brainlessness of the stereotypical Christian counterpart. But you can’t read a blog without it’s endless quoting of EDITOTRIALS, which is more of the same misrepresenting facts, making huge, sweeping assumptions that make no political or historical sense. But they are infallibly right because the rest of us are in the dark. We JUST DON’T GET IT. We are brainwashed because we don’t buy their brand of Absolut “truth”.

My first reaction is that it’s about time they shut the $%^& up.

But siding with the value of free speech, I will simply say this. If they judge us, let’s judge back and see if the shoe fits. They are commiserating with the rest of the “Kerry was our true savior from the Bush Satan” cult group – what more is there to do but keep spouting the party lines and say “you’ll regret not having listened to us America!” The fact is these people wouldn’t even have a voice if it weren’t for the Internet. It makes me almost wish armchair politicians would still be confined to their corner of the coffee shop or in their parent’s basement.

If you voted Bush or Kerry or Badnarik or whoever, good for you. (Most of the people who voted were probably morons who voted with someone else’s opinions glued to their foreheads, but I wouldn’t doubt they distributed evenly by party line.) But if you think you have the right to pretend you have the slightest clue because you’ve read every article on “BushLied-PeopleDied.CON”, watched the big screen version of the Gospel According to Michael Moore, and have way too many friends who can’t jet a decent job because the Man is keeping them down, guess what?

I have the right to call you publicly a moron. After all, I have a blog, too.

Your assumptions that I am a moron because I believe something else, instead of the fact I have different premises and values than you, makes YOU the bigger moron.

The saddest thing is that I feel I have little hope of knowing if my own vote was the right decision, even 20 years from now. That’s called having an honest understanding of history and the complexity of politics. The best I could do is vote based on a majority of positions that I believed the candidates stood for were compatible with what in my position was best for America as a nation among nations, the economy, personal freedoms, etc., and importance of these in the order of my own values.

And to those vast majority of such morons on the left (not morons because you are liberal, but because of your above-mentioned violations of reasoning), I have the right to point out that I can hardly-to-save-my-life find people who voted Bush (reluctantly or not) who before or after the election were crying out that the Democrat-Liberal-whatevers were “brainwashed”, “uninformed”, or any “if Bush doesn’t get re-elected the world will come to an end” crap. What does that say about the intellectual character of the masses on each side? It tells me that as a man educated in philosophy and psychology that right now in history it is more of an embarrassment to say I am a liberal than a conservative. Until the tides change of course, and the wackos migrate to the right once again.

The truth is few of us actually know how to reason through the media instead of borrowing popular opinions and think they’re somehow smarter than the rest of us because it’s what all the right people believe and it must be true. And I can tell who you are. I can even tell that sometimes it’s me and I have to smack myself in the head. But if I had to tie some of these people to a chair and teach them Logic 101, they wouldn’t turn out necessarily Democrats or Republicans or even change their vote. But they sure as hell would rescind 99% of their online journals.