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No, I didn’t get my but kicked on Halo (which I haven’t been able to re-install since I defragged last week because I can’t find the product key).

Coming back from the farm on Thursday, in my usual zoned-after-all-that-work state, I got tagged with a laser at1300 feet going 72 mph. I even had a conversation about it with the trooper, who was really cheerful, and explained that they had them for a long time, but only recently has their police force gotten certified in using them. His name was Jim Krawczyk, the same name of one of my clients that disappeared earlier this year, but may not have been anytrelation. The only annoying thing is that he assumed I was dodging being pulled over because I took the immediately next exit instead of the one “closer” to my house (the Ridge Road exit is actually PAST it, which is why I took the Milestrip exit like my wife and I always do).

Anyway, I got a simplified paper-roll-fax style printout for a ticket, also kinda neat. I don’t know why getting pulled over shakes me so … I guess I just have a subliminal guilt complex that acts up in such cases, and also have a fear of going on the road and “doing something wrong” like when a child spills milk or something and gets scolded. Really strange.