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Been busy, and have a lot to share, and haven’t even read friends’ journals in days, so bear with me …

First, I bring you this =

I have no idea who wrote this in my online forum, but is both scary and stupid. Maybe both or neither. Smoke and mirrors. Enjoy.

Next, what’s been going on.

We have rats outside outr apartment complex, and got authorization to use poison. After Merry told me how horrific the effect of the poison is on the rats, I regret ever doing it, and will probably never use it again. I found a dead one (or rather a tenant did) and it was huge, but still cute. A lot bigger than Chrissy’s rats she had when she was younger.

Saw Phantom of the Opera (screenplay) with my wife. Wonderful, and worth seeing on the big screen, big time. Even if you prefer the musical / opera in person. Wonderful cinematography.

Work has been mucho busy, with new clients and all, but there was a network issue earlier today, and my ISP “provider” is still “down” but that’s a story I wont get into until all is said and done.