Uh … a fire. And a tale of two tea kettles.

10 January, 2005 Ken Uncategorized

Thank goodness I’m married to the one person in the world, who at the edge of apocalype – if such would occur – would stay calm and make it all better.

Her beautiful Art Deco (Nouveau? Somewhere in there) teakettle caught fire on the stove. She used a whole fire extinguisher to put it out. Until replaced (at the Factory Outlet Mall in Niagara Falls where we got it), we can use MY TEAKETTLE. That’s right mow-foes – I got me one for Xmas. And it’s shaped like a chicken. My wife remembered my admiring her Aunt Butchie’s years ago (and I had forgotten), so she got me one. Not a gift one would expect from a wife. Sort of like buying here a screwdriver or something. But I LIKE it.

Anyway, I came home to all this after bringing home (in my truck of course) our Brand New Fridge! Four feet chest, 15 cubic feet of serious chillin’. Only big enough if a midget p*sses me off, but it will fit the rest of the half-pig the Ritchies gave us hands down.

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2 Responses to “Uh … a fire. And a tale of two tea kettles.”

  • My mother got me this random “female” tool set saying not to fret, it may seem like a weird and worthless gift now but to guarentee a need for it in the future. Low and Behold I’ve used it at least 20 times since last month.

  • phenixred says:

    Sounds to me like….
    Merry does not have luck with teakettles. It caught on FIRE?? omg. I would be bringing it back and be like “excuse me ,is this SUPPOSED to happen??”

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