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Okay … this is not for shock value, believe it or not.

I was listening to Exile by Enya just now, and my mind wanders through connected thoughts quickly. I was thinking about the phrase “Who can quell my passion?” and thought what sort of being would have such passion that could not be quenched? And what if such a being after longing and pushing through life finally found release?

Would this not be the equivalent of death?

But death has been made a more evil name than even sex. Forget that. Close your eyes and think.

The seeming-forever struggle, the tension, the yearning and longing – almost desperation – that culminates in an expected yet still surprising climax. At that point you cease to be yourself as you knew yourself. You are one. Your body seems to fade away, an irrelevant part of the equation now that you’ve reached the other side.

Have you ever cried for joy, being wholly united with another? Will you not feel such completion upon seeing past all physical reality to the true face the Other in an eternal embrace?

But I almost cry in sadness that so few people will even know of what I here speak in this life of theirs, continuing on with their passion for Life and Love only a mere reflection of a deeper hope.