The Iraqi War Is (HAS BEEN) Over.

19 February, 2005 Ken Uncategorized

Why can’t we just see that military occupation is NOT war, even if there is resistance? The war was won quickly, and to this day VERY FEW people died in the conflict. But every terrorist or target that gets killed gets magically added to the death toll for Bush’s “war crimes.”

Right or wrong reasons, idiot or not, no one will admit now, even after free elections have finally taken place, that Bush is a HERO. We don’t want to think of him that way, but that’s what the history books will read, and they will bemore factual than all the editorials in the world. Sorry folks, the game may have been dirty, but the scorecard is closed. Iraq is a free nation of people grateful to America, though plaqued by the terrorists some refuse to admit were even there.

America 2
Axis of Evil 0

Unless someone wants a rematch? There’s always Iran and North Korea …

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