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Too busy … not even keeping up on Hobowars, or even a donator at the moment. The 30 movies in 30 days is taking up too much time perhaps, but at least I get to spend more time next to my wife.

I bought her and myself digital camers (early b-day for her) … I’ll put an update on the forums sometime, with camera details, etc., but mine is 3 Mpixel set at 2 and still better quality (or same as at least) the old one. Tested it out on the pets, of course, and got it in time for taking pics when we took Chritsina and 3 of her friends tubing at Holiday Valley Tubing … got lost because it wasn’t in the Holiday Valley resort at all, but on Rte 242 off the 219 in Ellicotville.

When I bought the cameras, I saw a line of dozens of cars coming into the store with no one pushing them. No strap from the front even, but a machine with handlebars behind the last cart doing the work. The future is now, and it is cool.

Sunday, I based my other tailight housing (though the bulbs are all intact) with no damage to the parked van I hit – not even a scratch. Why, you might ask? Because IT HAD A BUMPER, and my car/pickup DOES NOT. Yes, you heard right … it was optional on that model. Grrrrrrr … So I was in abd mood to catch Christina at her cheerleading competition (2 days notice), and missed her perform because I had to go to church while their division competed (we has a particular choir piece). Came back and gave her and her friend a ride. They lost first by 3 points after being penalized 30 for not having an “optional” dance routine.

Otherwise, it’s back to work. And an eventual revamping of my forums and subsequently this journal.