My Butt Sticks Out

3 April, 2005 Ken Uncategorized

My butt sticks out. No, this isn’t a body-mage statement. It’s a problem I haver in my posture, recognized by Lin Lin Choi, the Tai Chi expert who led the seminar I attended at my school yesterday.

It was a humbling experience. She corrected various problems I had that I’m used to correcting on other people. Which was wonderful. It’s about time I had someone over my own shoulder helping me along. I wish I could do that regularly.

But the big thing is my butt, or more specifically the tension in my hips making proper alignment, and therefore motion, difficult. But now I can work on it by sitting a certain way to stretch it a little.

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2 Responses to “My Butt Sticks Out”

  • Anonymous says:

    Re: tension in the hips
    I never said my but was big. I said it was sticking out. Posture versus mass.
    Anyway … do I know you? You’re leaving comments in my LiveJournal and I don’t know if you’re trying to be funny and friendly, or just an ass. No offense taken if none is meant and vice versa.
    Fill me in.

  • Anonymous says:

    tension in the hips
    Hey i know a better way to lose that hip/butt thing you need to get laid the farther you spread your legs the more exercise your ass gets thus helping the whole big butt thing … best of luck to you on that and have a wonderful day…love your lord and master DamnSeductresslove.blogspot

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