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We got back Sunday evening, no one showed for the usual Sunday retreat, and I’m still catching up on work. And now, the Koala bear (alb3rt_s) is trying to push me off my own computer so he can update his journal. We didn’t even unpack yet, so he doesn’t know about the stuff I got for my birthday that I’ll be giving him, such as a camera, butterfly net, backpack, etc… And he’s acting wierd. Ever since we came home he’s been a bit scarce.

Anyway, visiting with Aunt Bobbi for a few days involved raking over 16 bags of leaves, boxing tons of books, wandering around downtown Maynard, eating Thai food and being stuffed at fancy restaurants day after day, walking the dog (Pasha), seeing “Fever Pitch” close enough to Boston to enjoy audience participation, eating birthday cake, and chatting about life. I even got to talkn with my cousin Binki on the phone for a few hours.

You know what? It was one of the best times of my life. Exercise, fresh air, a beautiful little town, free room and board, and the company of family who I miss most of the time.

Life … is good.

It was like a vacation, or a retreat. I could have been suspended in time forever in that sort of life. Except I missed Christina and wish she was there. And eating at Roy Rogers on the way home (Thruway rest stop) reminded me of when I ate there with my Dad every week at Eastern Hills Mall while my brother took organ lessons at the Lowry store. I think it was Tuesdays. Anyway, I didn’t have his number on me (damn) but wanted to call him at that very moment.

Tired … and still more to catch up on.