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Before the weekend, I saw American Pie, which was actually much better and had deeper meaning that I thought it would. A real statement about coming of age in America sexually.

But this afternoon, I saw Episode III: Revenge of the Sith, I still can’t take it all in, but it was dark – very saddening. But it did seem to try to hard to explain some inconsistencies and creat a new one – in particular the manner in which the twins were born.

And these few words I said were far more detailed than anything that jerkoff Jeff Simon from the Buffalo News had to say. His critique (if you could call it that) was one huge masturbatory left-handed compliment to Lucas, with a mention to his newfound affinity to think he is an expert in politics, equating the downfall of good with every Republican administration since Nixon. He can scathe all he wants, but I question if he had even bothered to watch the movie from what little he spoke factually about it.

But I’m sure I’ll have strange dreams tonight, but that’s not different from most other nights.

On another note, I unwound a bit with Chrissie and Mer at Evangola State Park, and had to switch spaces midway through due to a reservation conflict. Man, ReservaAmerica.Com sucks.