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Saw “Team America” – Impressive puppetry and effort was put into it. Man, it was a satire of both the left and right politically, pulling no punches. And I LOVE the soundtrack. For days now, I can’t get “America – …” out of my head. Stirringly patriotic, yet puerile and offensive.

Just got back from the Hellenic Festival and was called up by name on stage to dance with people from other tables at the Taverna Dinner Show. Stuffed. Man, chicken in philo must have been passed to mankind from the Greek gods themselves. Or someone stole the recipe from them. Sort of like prometheus. But tasty. I even got to drive the parking shuttle van a few hours yesterday, which was fun.

Lastly, Alb3rt (alb3rt_s) has been carrying around my small facial sponge a lot lately. What’s up with that? Stuffed koalas … geesh.