My head is lighter now.

7 June, 2005 Ken Uncategorized

At least it feels lighter – a little. And I have to wear a big hat to keep from burining my neck.

Photos linked below. Warning – not for the faint of heart if you liked me in long hair …

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10 Responses to “My head is lighter now.”

  • krissy_jhnsn says:

    Thanks for the warning before I get to see you again.
    I hope it wont be all grown back by then ;(
    Looks fantastic!

  • januarygyrl3 says:

    Love the haircut…I think you look great.

  • Re: Dreads
    Lmao. Buy a wig? Until you adjust 🙂

  • Anonymous says:

    Re: Dreads
    Wanted to try that actually. But my wife is fed up with me pretending not to be a white boy all the time as it is.
    However, I love to have my hair in a “rope braid” when it’s wet and then a couple hours later let it out. It’s like having a dread over each shoulder and one down the back, but more “Jewish” than “Rasta” looking.
    Man, I keep putting my hand back there. I even picked up a bungee without thinking about it earlier today, and couldn’t do a thing with it. And trying to brush is just weird.

  • Anonymous says:

    I think my wife said that once. Her best friend once thoguht I looked like Bono from U2. But most people think I look a little like Brent Spiner (Data from Star Trek), Robin Williams, and Shaggy from Scooby Do (the cartoon, not the movie).
    But I WILL take that as a compliment. Thanks.

  • hot, you look like Kenneth Branagh

  • Re: Pretend I’m not 36 lol
    lol no. *gasp* should of done dreads

  • Anonymous says:

    Pretend I’m not 36 lol
    I think this is the only time I can clearly recall anyone calling me “sexy” in an aspect of my appearance – even when I was a strapping young man of 19 with Kung Fu build and all … was my long hair that bad?

  • Sexy. Very Sexy. Pretend I’m not 18 lol

  • phenixred says:

    good god!!
    I almost had a stroke when I saw your hair was gone. but now that I look at it a second time, I like it.

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