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Chrissie and I went to see the PEaceful World exhibit at the Virginia Weiss Gallery at the market Arcade this evening (painings by Ralph Sirianni – We grabbed a bite at Melanie’s next to Shea’s, then walked the Chippewa strip on the way to dropping her off at the HSBC Area for a Sabers hockey game, meeting up with a friend and her dad. (No she’s not old enough to go to bars, but it wasn’t really that late to worry about the crowds, so she wasn’t out of place really.)

We walked the whole way around — easily a few miles in all — and it was really good to get out. I think we both had a good time. I even took some photos, but they didn’t come out as nice as I would have liked. But they were so POTENTIALLY good shots, I’ll have to go back and retake them. The one with the night-time glow of Golddome and Main Place would have been amazing if I had a tripod and wouldn’t have been rushed.

And I discovvered Chrissie and I share the same sort of feeling for downtown … like we wished we could be there every day, maybe even living or working nearby.