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Saturday was awesome. Started out with Tai Chi, went to choir, then spent the afternoon with Chrissy. She, Merry, Moo, and I played Trouble and talked about grades and things going on in her life. Then later, Mike and Jeff came over. After Amy left, Jeff, Mer and I played cards. A perfect day in my reckoning.

But last night, I had a dream I was a special agent, and I decided to assist another agent in trying to capture someone. It was a businessman who owed the client of the other agent money. After I helped corner him, I found out he had borrowed around $40,000 at 35% interest to start a business. I went into consultant mode and reviewed his business (which was doing anything and everything — all the odds and ends he could provide as various services), his web site (, and lectured him on expenses and salaries in a startup. Meanwhile the agent was bored to tears and impatiently waiting for me to finish so she could bring him in.

Man it’s wierd when real life is fun and dreams are business.