I deleted pam

8 February, 2006 Ken Uncategorized

I don’t know who she was, or why she had a profile on my PC for many months, but alas, her presence is gone.

“pam” wasn’t capitalized, so it is reasonable to assume I did not create the account, and don’t recall anyone using the computer with that name, unless it was a friend of a friend or something a long time ago.

The mystery may never be solved …

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2 Responses to “I deleted pam”

  • Anonymous says:

    Re: OK OK
    Whoa. This wasn’t a virtual succubus sort of thing, was it? I mean .. it WAS just a dream, right?

  • phenixred says:

    OK OK
    It was me. I admit it. don’t twist my arm. I snuck into your house in the middle of the night and created a profile on your pc. The voices said they would hurt you if I dident.
    and i couldent have that.

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