Ho hum … Hate, anyone? We’re having genocide for desert.

21 March, 2006 Ken Uncategorized

I got an email passed around from someone I know “proving” that people who follow Islam can’t be trusted Americans. All the arguments were really dumb, and filled with blatantly wrong assumptions and “facts”.

SO, as I usually do — but sometimes think I shouldn’t — I sent back an email to anyone receiving it not to fall for it or take it seriously.

I got TWO replies, both calling for genocide against … well whover they think is the “enemy”, most likely Arabs and Muslims, as if they were they same thing. Strangley, after some google research on who they said they were, I realized that one claimed to be an Italian SS general, and the other gave himself an obscure mid-ranking Nazi title.

At least they are consistent.

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5 Responses to “Ho hum … Hate, anyone? We’re having genocide for desert.”

  • Anonymous says:

    They actually used a regular font, decent grammar, etc. Couldn’t spell a few things, but mostly just insults. In the end, one told me to uh … something off … and the other (the martial arts techer) exchanged apologies with me once he realized I wasn’t some liberal hippie invading his email space out of nowhere.

  • angryavatar says:

    Let me guess, was it in a 24 point font with 15 exclamation points after each sentence?

  • kaith_rustaz says:

    Re: Actually …
    They read, but they don’t want to understand. Anger and hate cloud the mind.

  • Anonymous says:

    Actually …
    I found out one of them is a Karate teacher / school owner in New York. Apparently, their anger stemmed from having lost someone in 9-11. The facts only deny them this outlet for such escape, so it is obvious my words were disturbing to them.
    And he violently accused me of being anti-American because I opposed mass killing an entire culture. I guess our values of tolerance and freedom have been replaced by racism and violence.
    Say it aint so … please say it aint so.
    And like so many others, he sees this as a religious war, where America is Christian by definition (seriously, this is a growing belief) battling another world faith they see as the cause for all our fear and suffering because of terroristic extremists and general anti-Western sentiment.
    Hasn’t humanity been through this nonsense more than a few times already? Doesn’t anyone read history books?

  • kaith_rustaz says:

    So, what you’re saying is that stupid and ignorant people shouldn’t have email?
    That would really hurt AOL y’know. 😀

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