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I did get to spend some time with Chrissie today … I forgot to grab the pictures from the father-daughter dance.

It’s official … her friends say I “don’t dance well” but have no idea how I danced like I did. That sounds about right, considering I wasn’t that warmed up and never did dance quite like everyone else. AND it’s been a LOT of years.

I’m growing a goatee now, so I look less like a “smarmy Yankee” as my wife puts it.

On another note, I’m starting to look into getting my fairy tale published — one I wrote back in high school and always meant to have published. But the Internet is no help. It’s like looking for clip art. There aren’t actually any sites with clip art — just links to other sites claiming to have clip art but are just links to other sites … ad nauseum.

Anyone have a clue they could share with me?