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My buddy Dennis told me about a couple weeks ago. He’s applying for a good-paying 6-motnh job in Antarctica for inventory specialist. I actually qualify very well for it and explored the possibility with my wife. The pro is the pay, and the con is being away for six months. The former could almost make up for the latter — and be one helluva life experience story — except that my entire business and position at the complex as manager could not be put on hold for such a temporary job.

However, I am applying for a webmaster position with a non-profit in Minnesota that would ivolve telemuting. I’d love to hop on a plane every week or two for a couple days, especially for a job that entails the skill sets I use all the time in Kentropolis, which most likely could be handled by me on top of the job, with a little help from associates. And it means submitting a resume for the first time in over 15 years. I never realized it, but my community work and business experience with non-profits alone makes it look like I’m qualified to run for pope.

It’s not for a couple months, but we’ll see …