Loads of Manure

28 April, 2006 Ken Uncategorized

Yesterday, I shoveled a record 38 heaping wheel barrows of cow poop in under 7 hours.

That would make me THE MAN.

And it’s probably why when the landlord wanted me to take down a handicap parrking sign, I ripped it out by the roots with my bare hands. I think I should be grunting and pounding my chest about now.

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3 Responses to “Loads of Manure”

  • kaith_rustaz says:

    Re: You’re right.
    Your “tactor” eh?
    Whats that? I see the root word it “Tact”….probably why I don’t understand. 😀
    Then again…I did have this evil though go through my head.
    Teacher: Ken, can you use “Tactor” in a sentence?
    Ken: Yes Mam. “My wife was making dinner and looked dead sexy so I tactor.”
    Teacher: *Thud* (Faints)
    Yes, I shouldn’t post after taking cold medicine. LOL

  • Anonymous says:

    You’re right.
    Most women want a prissy man too lazy or full of themselves to shovel one load of poop, let alone change a diaper or move some furniture.
    I guess my wife is just lucky. So … you find any spouse prospects lately WITHOUT the mention of mucking stalls?
    Oh, and when I get a farm, my wife will think my tactor is sexy. Life is good, my friend.

  • angryavatar says:

    “Yesterday, I shoveled a record 38 heaping wheel barrows of cow poop in under 7 hours.”
    I’m going to use this line to pick up girls.
    I’ll let you know if it works or not.
    Although I can probably predict the answer.

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