I don’t think I like smoking …

20 June, 2006 Ken Uncategorized

I finally got a pipe to stay lit, and smoked most of it (I think). Not as tasty as it smells when it’s not burning. A little bit of a bite afterwards. It was a sampling of the Black Cherry Cavendish I bought my Dad for Father’s Day. Chocolate ice cream got most of the taste out.

My wife asks me why I insist on trying to smoke, even if it’s a rare occassion. I told her it was to be like my Dad. I guess we all want to be like our role models, and having a pipe reminds me of him. But I think I’ll just chew on it and maybe light a little once or twice a year. I just don’t think it could ever become my own hobby or habit.

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3 Responses to “I don’t think I like smoking …”

  • cybernorris says:

    Re: Root Beer? Very Cool.
    Actually the issue is the lack of moisture, usually from the lack of humidity. I honestly don’t know the best moisture content for pipe tobacco, but I know Wisconsin basement ain’t it. Cigars are supposed to be stored at 70 degrees and 70% humidity… thus the use of the humidor. I imagine at least that will be needed for a month to keep my pipe tobacco from snapping like twigs.
    Dry pipe tobacco burns hotter and faster and can too easily burn your tongue… not fun!

  • Anonymous says:

    Root Beer? Very Cool.
    I might just try that. Black Cavendish? Sounds interesting.
    I heard if you put tobacco in with a slice of citrus fruit, it will “undry” it.

  • cybernorris says:

    I have a black cavendish that actually has a chocolate taste and smell to it. I think it’s called Bon Noir from MA’s Smoke House in Shreveport, LA. Darn, now I’ve gotta go find it and rehabilitate it from the most likely dried out state a year of inattention has given it.
    One thing a pipe or cigar is good for is forcing one to slow down and focus on something other than the things that make us so busy. It’s this forced relaxation that I enjoy most.
    My favorite drink to accompany smoking is root beer (preferrably IBC). The mix of flavors is very complimentary. Cognac is also good, but I really don’t like alcohol that much.

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