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First, it seems a lot has happened to my friends who are on LJ, and I have lsot track by not reading their journals. Man, I need to catch up!

Also, here’s my dilemna:

Part of my keep here as “super” of the apartment complex is painting vacant apartments. I’m gosh-darn good at it. But I think I’ve thrown my back out, halfway through painting the apartment above us. My wife wont paint, and I might not know anyone who both CAN paint (knows how without taking forever or making a big mess) AND has TIME to help me.

So I just decided on chiropracty yesterday, after getting a second and third opinion. More on that later, but I mention it to add flavor to the situation. I am pretty sure I will hurt myslef further if I finish painting the apartment, but it has to be done. I know my chiropractor will scold me for painting when I’m in this state, but maybe if I just push through the pain, I can have them fix it in a couple days, and do no physical labor for a week or more (if possible). I may have to skip Tai Chi, but that’s a guess answered only by trying after the fact.

Oh, and I need to week whack. AND I am on the verge of being late with web projects, as I’m swamped at the moment.

If there were two of me, and at least one didn’t have a bad back, life would rock.