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I got my first chiropractic adjustment ever. Whoa. My neck popped like Chinese firecrackers at New Year’s. And my tailbone is now alighned and my legs are even. (They were about an inch off at my exam.) She also found a rib out of place and popped it back in. I ACTUALLY CAN FEEL THE INCREASED LUNG CAPACITY IN THAT AREA.

So now I feel sore, but not in any pain. Plenty of fluids, rest, and a cold pack on my back will do the trick.

Before I left, Merry helped me with painting — even though she hates it — and finished the few walls I had left. Tongith Michelle is coming over and she can do the closets while I do some cutting in. The neat thing is that almost immediately after my last post, phenixred posted and before I even read it, her husband calls me to offer and help paint! I’ll have him do the ceiling tomorrow afternoon (if the plaster fixes in the living room are done) while I finish up things I can actually physically do, the ceiling of course being one I cannot.