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Just got back from my all-day tour of the Erie County Court Bldg. The didn’t pick me for anything, niut it was an interesting experience. The waiting room (where we were almost the whole time) had televisions, Wi-fi, 2 PCs, ethernet ports, and plenty of room. I did a lot of reading, read and did the crosswords in the juror’s newsletter they handed out, made a couple calls.

Interesting note: Hobowars and vTunnel (proxy server) were both blocked. And I couldn’t check my email because I left my own computer on at home, which checks it constantly, removing it from the server.

ANyway, we were lt out for lunch from 12:30 to 1:45, so I ate pizza at the mall (the only place that takes credit cards), walked through the open air market, and came back early to read some more. The ones left over like myself were sent as possible jurors for a buglary case, and they asked 18 of us a bunch of questions to fill in the 4 more seats they needed. They found them in the first round, so I wasn’t even questioned. BEing self-employed, they owed me a $40 check, but I told them to keep it. The County needs it more than I do.