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Maybe it’s from watching the movie “Cars”, which was much better than I though it would be, with a backstory about Route 66 and all that, or maybe it’s the decent soundsystem in my new Escort … but I am REALLY enjoying being behind the wheel these days, truck or car.

And a lot of vehicular activity has taken place.

Coming back from Varysburg the other night, I get on the 400 at East Aurora and swerve wildly at the last second to avoid a large, dark object.

Brain, please identify object in road within next .7 seconds …

Profile not deer – too large
Profile not moose – yeah right
Vehicle debris / part? Too large, non-reflective from headlights, no sharp edges discerned. Unlikely,

Conclusion: Sofa

Wha-huh? No, it wasn’t sitting there with people watching a plasma screen TV in the next lane. It obviously fell off a truck or something. And it was dark and diffusive in texture enough to not be visible until you’re practically on top of it — which I almost was with my truck. So I call 911, who seemed aware there was couch issue on the East Aurora Expressway, yet there was no officer on the way to arrest said apholstery-laden loiterer. So I backed up along the right shoulder, hazards on, and removed a pillow, an armrest cover, and moved off-road the couch itself, in between sporadic bouts of traffic. Move a couch, save the day, I always say. Well not often. Okay, I’ve never said that. But in some small way, that still makes me the man.

I wonder if Route 66 has any couches in need of rescue?