I live and die by email …

29 November, 2006 Ken Uncategorized

I’ve said that a lot the last few years. I really do live by email. And sometimes — like last night — I die.

I rebooted over and over, and restarted Outlook over and over, trying to not have it freeze. I turned off all other programs I could, TRIED to defragment — TWICE — and ran various cleanup, anti-virus and spyware programs, even uninstalling old games taking up space.

But my Outlook folders file (.pst) is 1.5 Gigs +

So I deleted thousands of emails in my recycle folder and archived a bunch of emails with attachements from another. I also got rid of “pass it on” crap from a business aquaintence (friend of a friend) that I was keeping for no good reason. Total size now? Almost 1.6 Gb??? Am I doing something wrong?

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