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I have just aquired an Escort ZX2 Sport Coupe. Now I can visit clients in a more “professional”-looking vehicle. I LOVE my truck though, mind you. If I can, I’ll give the Escort ot Chrissy when she graduates instead of the truck. As it stands, I’ll still use the truck for going to the farm, Home Depot, camping, etc.. I just don’t like how bulky my key chain has become.

I’m bonding with the car, sitting in it, playing music, checking out the features and putting stuff in it. And I removed the #2, #88, & #20 NASCAR stickers in the hope that people with other numbers next to their “Git-R-done” stickers wont hate me from the next lane.

But it would be nice to be able to afford the registration, inspection, and badly needed tune-up, so I could actually DRIVE IT. You’ll see me on the road when I get PAID! 🙂