Publicly posting this. Honest opinions needed.

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It’s something I’ve been researching for a couple of months. (Taking way to much time and effort out of my schedule, actually, but someone beloved to me will be taking courses. I have some information and opinions both good and bad about it, and want to know I am being reasonably objective.)

So here’s the gauntlet. Let me know what YOUR impression of it is. I’m not looking for people who’ve experienced it — I can experience something and not have a clue what it means and not be able to see the forest for the trees. I want to compare what other people read and conclude, and how obvious or certain it is.

Start here:
Then follow the links, do a google, read whatever you can find, both critics and praise. Any conclusions are appreciated.
And read people’s succes stories and “unsuccess” stories and tell me which ones have credibility and why.

Please consider this. It’s important to me.

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7 Responses to “Publicly posting this. Honest opinions needed.”

  • Anonymous says:

    Re: AVATAR?!?!?
    Thanks. Sounds like an honest, middle-of-the-road first impression. A lot of people who know a lot more about it have similar opinions and observations, though it would start a war with some people really into it and you’d be considered too generous by the hard critics.

  • Anonymous says:

    I saw this and was immediately reminded of my BBS’ing days. Everyone had to choose an avatar to use as their “virtual identity”. Many online places still hold to this, in particular, the big MMORPG’s like EverCrack.
    Avatar, as defined by, is: an embodiment or personification, as of a principle, attitude, or view of life.
    So this course is going to teach you how to re-personify (is that even a word?) yourself? Change your views and principles and views on life? I think that it certainly borders on cult, but there are several key factors missing, unless I just got bored too quickly and didn’t read all the propoganda. There doesn’t seem to be any separation of “pupils” from family and friends, no pledge of allegiance to the founder or high priest, or anything like that. This more reminds me of a washed-out self-help gimmick.
    None-the-less, it still strikes me as something that COULD help someone, but ultimately, I think the only goal is enriching the people in power within the organization by selling something that is billed as self-help but which is most likely nothing more than a bunch of high-level psycho-babble that is far above the heads of most of the people who attend. It leaves them feeling all warm and fuzzy, no doubt, but does it actually ACCOMPLISH anything? I seriously doubt it.
    Oh, and Ken, in case you haven’t yet figured out who this is by the tone and cadence, it’s Jeff. Long time no talk.

  • Anonymous says:

    Yeah, it’s a bit lofty as a tagline to the public.
    A short while ago, it was “shifting consciousness toward an Enlightened Planetary Civilization”. Their current “mission statement” about creating world peace is interesting — an aspect which could be a point in favor of them not being a cult.

  • angryavatar says:

    The moment I clicked on their site and saw “Contributing to the Creation of an Enlightened Planetary Civilization” I wanted to punch someone.

  • phenixred says:

    Re: has your friend researched this guy?
    The only reason why cults work is because the people that get brainwashed by them are easy targets. They need SOMETHING to beleave in. It’s an addiction actually like drugs, alcohol, or gambeling. Thats not to say every person who joins will get brainwashed, or to say that all cults are bad.
    The people who got involved with Charles Manson, and David Koresh honestly beleaved that they had all the answers, and that what they were doing was right.
    On the other hand back in the day people used to think that anyone who studied and followed “a course in Miracles” were cult members too. These people were not out there hording guns and going on killing sprees. But skeptics still went around saying anyone involved in that were crazy, and beleavers in a bunch of crap.
    Hopefully your friend will not be taken in to the point that IF they start getting “taken advantage of” They can just walk away and not feel as if they owe everything to this group.

  • Anonymous says:

    Re: has your friend researched this guy?
    Answering your main question:
    No, she only knows from her mother has beamed about it for nearly a year (she feels it’s been a VERY good experience for her), along with reading their intro materials and taking a free mini-course (with me) and part of a paid course. She plans to take the full Avatar course in a couple months, and I respect her reasons. But when I gave her some preliminary snippets of what I found, even being careful not to dismiss it as a cult and keep an open mind, she clammed up (pardon the expression).
    On one hand, I don’t want to take away a potentially helpful experience from her (or me), and studying the concepts myself has been fascinating from more than one view. On the other, she’s already defensive about any potential dangers I’ve tried to voice, and that scares (and hurts) me more than anything. Maybe it’s my fault by showing too much concern, but it’s a wedge I don’t want between us.
    For myself, I probably wont spend a lot of money on something I know I can do myself — LGAT (Large Group Awareness Training) aspects aside — but am willing to explore further the free mini-courses in a group under Avatar people to get a taste more of it. If I’m satisfied the cultic aspects aren’t significant, I may even recommend it.
    I really have mixed feelings about this, and it’s personally complicated as you can see. So as you can see, I’m keeping an open mind in both directions, and need someone (like you and other people) to slap me back from overthinking it to a more obvious answer.
    Thanks for your input. <3

  • phenixred says:

    has your friend researched this guy?
    This is just SEEPING cult.
    It sounds to me like some guy saying “give me your money and I’ll tell you how to live your lives, you mindless little sheep, OH and don’t EVER tell anyone. Just send them to me, and have them give all THIER money to me, and the vichious cycle will continue untill I am rich”
    Scientology is a cult. This guy is nothing more than a Scientologist who left because he was smart enough to realize that there was money to be made in telling other people, who can’t otherwise( for what ever reason)think for them selfs or live there own lives.
    Every fiber of my being beleaves this guy is full of crap. Hopefully your friend will see this befor they start giving this guy their money.
    Well, you tell them to bring unto me there $7000
    I will tell them how to live there lives. I could really use the money.

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