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We’re starting to apoint the ceiling in the bedroom in anticipation of the eventual emergency of a queen bed sometime this year — a long overdue upgrade in our lives, with the ancient frame threeatening to give, and soon.

A few years after we moved here, my wife put up tiny sticker stars across the cieling, accented by smudges of glow-in-the-dark paint … a smear of a comet near one corner of the room, the glowing blurred points of luminescnece spreading a bit down the walls and even on a shelf and some furniture, and a cluster on the ceiling light globe, hinting at the core of a galaxy.

I dislike a bit having to primae and paint over it, but I’ve been told that we’re simply moving to another arm of the galaxy. I don’t know how many people feel the Love of a wife through the stars over them whilst they sleep. I just hope there wont be too many a starless night after our celestial canvas has been cleared.