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Hmph. I was hoping “Shaolin Priest” David Moerler finally decided to crawl under a rock and stay there.

Instead, he apparently found his new Golden Boy — Tony Fucina.

Get this … David’s new kick is calling himself lineaged through Tibetan Buddhism. I wonder when he “revealed” that to everyone. Must have been both in fashion at the time and harder to disprove. But I can. Any time. Any place. I just feel bad for Tony, who became a student at a very early age, just when I was finding out his master (and mine) was a compulsively lying fraud. I really think he thinks he’s for real. Funny thing is that he probably is a lot more real than David or any of the others who KNOW it’s all make-believe.

But for now, it’s all hush-hush, with the lot of them staying anonymous and out of sight for the most part, probably hiding from Google thanks to my publishing a whole bunch of truth a while back. Tony’s master of “supreme wisdom” remains nameless to the world — and for good reason. That is, except for this journal entry … for now.