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I got a call today from an old friend, who asked me to talk to their daughter.  She wanted to know how to “find herself” and I was the person who came to mind to answer such a thing.  It caught me off guard at first, and I floundered around about superficial personality assessments and values inventories, but her question was deep-seated.  The matter was spiritual.  She wanted the real thing. 

So I gave it to her.  The question of who is asking.  Personae as separate from self.  The limitations of the senses, language, and thought.  Empiricism, Conceptualization, Mysticism.  Meditation and being.  Perfection through action without trying.  The density of the soul.  The finger pointing to the moon.  The reflection of self even after the mirror of perception is put away.  We talked about many things in a short span.  And she understood it.

I was her age when I discovered such things — she just turned 13 — and I’ve shared pieces of my path with a few people over the years.  But it was MY path, suitable for an introvert.  The way to God through knowledge.  And so it leaves me wonder if I wrote a book on “the talk” what kind of reception and scale of readership it would have.  It is not possible to write anything original on the subject — the truth is everywhere imaginable and in every language and epoch — but perhaps its time for a fresh messenger.  What could it hurt?