Me by Me

11 October, 2007 Ken Uncategorized


Tomorrow I submit my self-portrait for inclusion in the “Faces of D’Youville Centennial Mosaic” produced by a client of mine, Brian Nesline.  I got it on the first try, and my wife said it was definitely “essence of Ken”.  I chose crayola markers — my favorite drawing tool from way back — and made due with the odd-shaped tips.  What do you think?

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One response to “Me by Me”

  • Ken says:

    Looking back, I thought I’d fill in what happened: When the poster came out, I wasn’t on it. I personally handed it to Brian the day they were due because I missed finding him on campus mere minutes before the last pickup (so I went to his house). It either got lost or just wasn’t included due to space or something I guess …


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