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This movie is many things.  I will focus on two of those things and the rest will become apparent. Watch it first, then return to this post.

First, it is a test of your varied knowledge of a wide array of subjects and disciplines.

Second, if you fail the first test, it is a test to see if you bother checking facts or believe everything people tell you (or entertain you with in a clever fashion, rather).

How did I score?

First, I never realized how much I knew about so many subjects.  It was all very interesting, and I kept an open mind enough to put off shaking my head until after I watched the whole thing.  Like anything else I explore, I suspended judgment, but made note of all the times I thought to myself, “I’m not sure that’s correct.”

Which brings me to the second test.  I already knew enough about Egyptology, Astronomy, World History, conspiracy theories, and had reviewed in some detail the evidence for and against the various 9-11 assumptions.  The bottom line?  I started double-checking a number of the facts I was unsure of, and I found EVERY SINGLE ONE to be incorrect.  As in clearly pulled out of the guys arse or quoting one misconception after another without checking his sources.  Over the next day and a half, more and more errors crept into my consciousness, recalling something said in the movie and thinking “why didn’t I catch that?”  If anything, my crime is that my mind is too open.

As for the movie, I’m not saying there might not be truth to his conclusions.  In fact, I know there is.  But he built a huge construct of persuasion on utter bullsh!t — litanies of fabricated facts to such an extent that it can only mean intentional defecation on the very foundations of honest scholarship.  The guy is a liar, or one of the worst wannabe scholars of our time.  I’m not even counting his asserting interpretations hypnotically over and over as facts.  I mean verifiable facts that are simply untrue, never were true, and never will be.

I estimate the fact to fiction ratio to be about 1:9, far less than the intentionally and admittedly fictitious “Da Vinci Code”.  Which means that you can’t rely on ANYTHING you haven’t checked yourself from this fraudumentary.

This guy even missed basic facts that SUPPORTED his theory in favor of made up ones.

Where to begin?  A documentation of errors (lies, whatever) would be longer than the movie itself.  I’ll tell you what … I’ll take any requests, and here’s a short list to choose from:

  • Horus (Egyptology)
  • The Southern Cross
  • The Three Kings
  • Christianizing of the Empire
  • Debris at the Pentagon
  • Bush’s location on 9-11
  • Sinking of the Lusitania
  • Financing Hitler
  • RFID chips

But if no one cares, all the better.  It’s best to let this movie die as a footnote to the technological empowerment of the common idiot to produce and publish anything they want.