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I just did some baseboard priming where the fishtank will end up being.  Funny really … I was thinking I had to go back to Home Depot to buy some painter’s tape, but after I started without it, I remembered I don’t need it — I’ve got some degree of kung-fu in house painting, after all.  I don’t even need to wear painting clothes … though having them on is more forgiving if I need to wipe off something, and it makes my wife less nervous about ruining good clothes.

So why do I blog about such things and not others?  I neglected a few relatively less “trivial” things, such as the death of a friend, but then again, I’m setting up a video eulogy for that.

Anyway, the last several days seem to have brought out a list of people — some of whom I hardly know — talking to me about deep spiritual questions.  I’m learningthat there are many people like me out there who are … isolated, I suppose the term would be … with no one to really talk to about such things.  More hints of my calling I hope to achieve coming up shortly.

And that’s something I should probably have blogged about already …