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We had very little Spring, fast-forwarding into Summer, with humidity high enough to not breathe well and hide in my (air conditioned) office or the basement for most of the day. 

I finally finished the deck staining.  This time we let it dry for many days, but that is why it didn’t get done sooner.  The garden crops were in the way until it was too cold to have room to do it, and it rained an everage of every second day all year until just now.  It was even dry enough for me to crawl under the deck and install plastic lattice-work.

I had another great time at Star Wars Night at the ballaprk.  I ran into a friend and her husband (the former health & fitness program manager at DuPont) and sitting behind me was the sister of Jeffrey Trainer, someone I went to grade school with!  My friend Bob was their photographer, and the group seems to have grown a bit since last year.  It really is the top draw of the season for the Bisons — a destination event for people across the region.  I’m just not sure if I would commit to being in the show next year as much as I’d like to.

I sued EG Tax (Esther Gulyas) and won.  The award wasn’t near what i asked, but still twice as much as she offered.  Their lawyer was pretty b@dass and I annoyed the judge with my lack of brevity, but facts were facts.  I especially enjoyed cross-examining their witness (an office worked who checked the records), only to run into him while volunteering at the Greek Festival’s wine shop.  Amicable fellow.  He told me Sandy (or agent previously) went on sick leave aboutt he time I told her employer I taped a conversation with her (admitting they received the paperwork they lost), and then retired thereafter.  I hope it didn’t have anything to do with us.

I killed a Chia pet, or at least failed to achieve prosperity of any kind.  The seeds were from several Christmases ago, anyway.  Time to Freecycle!

My goal for some time now has been to take Christina and go to Utah to visit my Dad and step-family.  The money WAS coming in until receiveables clogged up and a major project went on hold.