Martial Arts

Over the years … ovecoming lies

24 July, 2007 Ken Everyday LifeMartial Arts It’s a simple object.  A backscratcher actually, with centuries of significance in Chinese culture.  So why did I think it was an ancient carpeting tool all these years until a push-hands partner from China showed me otherwise? Years ago, I had a close friend named David Moerler who was half-Chinese by birth, who told me […]


2006 Tai Chi Journal

25 May, 2007 Ken Martial Arts

{finally being tweaked and here published} Introduction I never considered myself a Tai Chi master. The two main reasons for this is that first, I am not a master in that art, and secondly, that I am honest about it. I am and always have been a scholar — a student of the arts who […]


Gearing up as a Sub

18 May, 2007 Ken Martial Arts

I’m making the occassional Tai Chi class again at Red Dragon in the McKinley Mall.  The plan is for when Sifu Bob Gott (the owner) goes to China for 10 days to be tested on his Tai Chi that I will lead the classes while he is gone.  I thought I would be rusty, but […]


Recapping a Bad Situation (Tai Chi Class)

12 January, 2006 Ken Business & WorkMartial Arts

This had been weighing on me even now that it’s over. A couple of you know the situation, some don’t. But I am always about setting the record straight. Or at least trying to. Some people who know me feel that I handled leaving my teaching situation badly. I think they are right. I purposely […]


My First Lightsaber

23 July, 2005 Ken Martial ArtsWoodworking & Other Projects

Today I constructed my first lightsaber. I am currently helping instruct at the local Jedi Academy ( At first I was brought in to assist with choreography, and using Tai Chi to make their movements more natural and graceful. Anyway, no one seems to have a decent practice saber and there are too few of […]


The Quest for Weighlessness

17 February, 2005 Ken Martial Arts

It started sometime earlier this year. I was contemplating why my martial art techniques didn’t work in my dreams. I always fell prey to the assumption it was just part of the dream – something to be interpreted. It was a recurring “theme” – trying to hit someone and having no impact, or manipulating someone’s […]


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